The web of our life is of mingled yarn, good and ill together.
-- Shakespeare, from Allís Well that Endís Well
This site covers all the stuff I love (The stuff I remembered anyway)
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I am a fan of Music you can see what sorts on this page
I love my Saab to see some pictures and hear me go on and on just visit this page
I love to play the card game Bridge, you can see that it really isnt THAT complicated here
I have a few Pictures if you REALLY want to see them.
I am obsessed with Movies and Everything about them
I watch far too much Television, but not as much as I used to, thanks to the Computer (trade one tube for another)
I love to Read, mostly Books and Magazines, but sometimes shampoo bottles and cereal ingredients
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The worst thing that could hapeen is that you get to know me better!
How To Reach Me
Email any comments or questions to You can also reach me on ICQ, my # is 29602276, and my aol screenname (I'll give you three guesses) is Studnt19yo, you would use this to IM (Instant Message) me, and you non aol people CAN use Intstant Messager, just go the AOL Website. You could always call too, And since strangers wont be looking here I will give you all my phone # too (847) 776-1050 I do have voice mail so leave a message, because I'm probably online and cant answer :-) My cell phone (when operating) is (847) 791-2797.